Help and Hope for the Glut1 Deficiency Community

With the help of Glut1 Deficiency experts, we have created a brochure to serve as a tool in our mission of educating others and raising awareness. We encourage the use of the brochure in the following ways:

  • Provide the pamphlet to families so that they may share information about Glut1 Deficiency with anyone who might need to know more about our children (teachers, bus drivers, therapists, babysitters, pediatricians, dentists, other family members, etc.).


  • Provide the brochure to neurology and genetic treatment centers across the United States and the world. We hope it will help educate and raise awareness among health care professionals, and we aim for them to have copies on hand to give families in their care who have just received a new diagnosis.


  • Distribute the brochures at professional medical conferences and meetings.

Click the brochure picture to download and print a free PDF version of our newly updated and redesigned second edition.  


We also have a Spanish version and a Portuguese version available of our original first edition brochure, with translated versions of our second edition coming soon.



Download a copy of our
Professional Guide Brochure






If you would like to request professionally printed copies, please email us at info@g1dfoundation.