Research Roundtable-3

We host quarterly virtual research roundtables to provide a forum for scientists and clinicians to share updates on current projects, engage in discussions, and foster collaborations so that we can accelerate progress toward our vision of a brighter future where Glut1 Deficiency will be easy to diagnose early, treat effectively, and cure completely.


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our next roundtable

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

12:00-1:30 PM Eastern

Clinical Focus on Adults with Glut1 Deficiency:

  • Pediatric to adult transition in Glut1DS Patients - Dr. Elizabeth Felton
  • Multidisciplinary care of adults with Glut1DS - Dr. Mackenzie Cervenka
  • Long-term management of adults using KDT - Dr. Tanya McDonald

previous roundtable reports

Fall 2022:  Imaging Focus
Special Presentations:  Dr. Douglas Rothman, Dr. Nirbhay Yadav, Dr. Ramon Sun, and Dr. Joshua Kaggie

Spring 2022:  Treatment Development Focus
Special Presentations:  Dr. Christina Gurnett, Dr. Pierre Magistretti, and Dr. Serena Silver

Winter 2022:  Open Project Reports
Special Presentations:  Kathrine Haavardsholm, Dr. Jörg Klepper, Kit Donohue, Dr. Matthew Gentry

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