Bright Horizons


Glut1 Deficiency is a rare, metabolic condition where glucose transport into the brain is impaired, causing a wide range of neurological symptoms and social challenges.

The goal of the Bright Horizons Project is to provide individualized behavior support services to help better navigate the unique social challenges of this disease, to foster independence skills, and to help build a brighter future for all who live with Glut1 Deficiency.


  • a confirmed Glut1 Deficiency diagnosis is required for eligibility for the Bright Horizons Project
  • applicants can live any where in the world, but services will be provided in English
  • a limited number of participation opportunities are available for this pilot project


  • Services will be provided virtually on the Zoom platform
  • Consultations will be available for people with Glut1 Deficiency individually, for parents and caregivers individually, or joint sessions with both
  • Services will be provided by Registered Behavior Consultant Dana Pottschmidt
  • 60 minute sessions will be available during specific timeslots
  • Participation will be confidential
  • An application process will be used to screen for eligibility and then referrals will be made to Dana if approved
  • Dana will follow up about any additional information needed and the process for scheduling a session
  • As part of this pilot project, participants will be required to complete a brief survey to help gauge success and value to the community and to make any needed improvements for the future

types of support

Some services Dana can provide:

  • Point of connection for Glut1 parents and caregivers
  • Connect patients and parents with online and Glut1 community resources
  • Consultation on how to increase independence at home with diet or daily living, including creating plans and collaborating with dietitians

Some potential topics:

  • independent living
  • virtual/cell phone safety
  • social skills
  • community safety
  • dating and relationships
  • problem solving skills
  • self-advocacy
  • general mental health education

support provider


Dana earned a Bachelors of Social Work from the University of Indianapolis and her Masters of Social Work from Indiana University. She has served various roles within direct support, employment services, and behavioral supports for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Dana is Registered Behavioral Consultant in the state of Indiana. She is currently working as a Behavioral Support Specialist at Opportunities for Positive Growth, Inc. where she works to increase independent living and social skills for those she supports. Dana hosts the Overcomers Zoom meetings for adults with Glut1 and also the Super Heroes for teens and pre-teens, and she provides services for the G1DF’s Bright Horizons behavioral support project.

privacy policy

  • the G1DF will not share any personal information or details about your participation or identify you in any way except to share your application with the behavior consultant who will be providing the services you requested
  • the G1DF may report outcomes from the projects to help measure success, make improvements, or create resources, but that information would be group summaries in aggregate with no individual or personally identifiable information included (for instance, number of participants, age ranges, common challenges identified, etc.)
  • more details on the general privacy policy of the G1DF may be found here