Volunteer Network


We can do so much more together than any of us can do alone.

We all dream of a brighter future for our loved ones with Glut1 Deficiency, but you can do more than dream by putting your hope in action to help us build higher, work faster, and go farther toward the day when Glut1 Deficiency will be easy to diagnose early, treat effectively, and cure completely.


Make a difference with as little as one hour of your time

The Glut1 Deficiency Foundation relies on volunteers to help us fulfill our mission and better serve our patient community.  We are thrilled that you feel inspired to roll up your sleeves, get involved, and help reach for a brighter future for all our loved ones. There are many ways to serve, and we welcome your ideas and your creativity to help us continue to improve and expand our impact.  The more people we have involved, the more representative and effective we will be.  We have always believed that we can do so much more together than any of us can do alone, and we are thankful for all who want to support the mission.

Use Your Gifts

Your role as a volunteer not only helps make sure the wheels of progress keep turning, but it also provides an opportunity to lend your talents, your ideas, and your experiences as we work together to help all of our loved ones.

Your involvement will also help us provide a more representative patient voice for the Glut1 Deficiency community, and we hope in turn you will find satisfaction and inspiration as you help change the future for all of us.


Volunteer Committees

help plan and host our biennial conferences

help plan and promote campaigns and events

help with a broad array of program activities


Volunteer Network

We are working to be more effective and organized with our treasured volunteers, so we have created the Volunteer Network program with the following components:

  • Application
  • Orientation and training on policies, procedures, and volunteer code of conduct
  • Signed agreement, release of liability, and photo release
  • Background screening (if applicable and in order to protect our patient community)

*Certain volunteer roles that involve access to data, funds, or direct contact with patients and families will require a background screening


April Breen


Leigh Hopkins


Paula Howell


Jason Meyers


Keri Meyers


Jennifer Olin


Jamie Perry


Twinkle Schottke


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