Friends of the Foundation:

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Bringing expert clinicians and researchers to speak at the Glut1 Deficiency Summit brings a multitude of benefits. They not only share important insights and updates with attendees, but it also provides an unmatched and invaluable opportunity for them to interact with, learn from, and be motivated by the patients and families in attendance and to collaborate with one another to improve care and drive research progress.

The average cost to the G1DF to bring each speaker to the Summit is more than $1,000 with travel and hotel expenses. You can help support the efforts by sponsoring a speaker and becoming a Friend of the Foundation.


IMPACT: make a tangible, direct, but immeasurable impact

  • pushing research farther and faster
  • improving patient care
  • fostering collaboration among experts
  • providing engagement opportunities with those who understand Glut1 Deficiency the best - the patients and families

RECOGNITION: be recognized as a Friend of the Foundation

  • on our website
  • social media
  • in Summit program materials
  • signs at the Summit

DONATION: sponsor a speaker through a donation

  • help the G1DF cover the costs for a Summit speaker
  • as a 501 c3 patient advocacy organization, donations to the G1DF may be tax deductible

next steps:

  • VISIT our website to make a $1,000 donation for each speaker you'd like to sponsor
    (credit card, Venmo, check, ACH transfers, PayPal, and digital wallets accepted)
  • ADD a note about how you'd like to be recognized as a Friends of the Foundation sponsor (examples:  John Doe, Doe Family, John's Family, etc.)
  • HONOR a particular speaker with your sponsorship by including a note or message, and we'll make sure to share it with them
  • DONATE by June 1st so we have time to include your name in the print materials