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Reimagine Brain Health


What are Glial Cells and why are they important?

Glial Cells are a type of brain cell that play numerous roles in the nervous system, including neuronal metabolic support, neuroprotection, brain homeostasis and neuroinflammation. Several decades of research has shown that glial cells are very active elements of the brain. Outnumbering neurons by a 1.5 to 2-fold factor, they are the targets for innovative therapeutic approaches to sustain brain health and function in several neurological disorders.

If you look at problems differently you can imagine different solutions. That’s what we’re doing. Based on pioneering insights into the essential role played by glial cells in maintaining brain health, we’re discovering novel compounds that may represent a new class of medicines for people living with a range of neurological conditions.

Our team is composed of experts in the field of glial cells, as well as seasoned professionals in pharmaceutical and clinical development, and experienced entrepreneurs. We share a true spirit of innovation and a common objective to create new ways to improve the lives of those with brain disorders globally.

We’re decoding decades of glial cell research to develop new drugs that target glia-mediated pathways as agents 
for neuroprotection and maintenance of cognitive functions.