Glut1 Deficiency Summit

Conference Registration Scholarships


Glut1 Deficiency Foundation is pleased to provide the biennial conference experience as part of our mission of increased awareness, improved education, advocacy for patients and families, and support and funding for research. We are grateful for your interest in attending.

Thanks to the support from our fundraisers and donors, The Glut1 Deficiency Foundation is able to cover a substantial portion of the conference expenses so that these costs do not have to be passed on to attendees. Speaker travel, AV, most social events, and registration materials will be covered through donations received by the G1DF.

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We have carefully considered registration costs and have chosen adult registration fee rates that will cover most, but not all, of the cost of the meals and coffee breaks included in the conference. Siblings are discounted even more, and the G1DF covers all registration costs for patients.  We estimate actual costs for full conference attendance to be over $500 per person, so the rates are substantially discounted.

​We do realize that even with the contributions to the registration costs by the G1DF, the fees can be prohibitive for some families.  In the past, we have waived registration fees for a few families each year who have indicated that they would not be able to come otherwise.  Because we are a small nonprofit, it is something we consider on a case by case basis.

We want to continue our goal to use our funds wisely, to be accountable to those who support us with donations and fundraising, and to be fair and unbiased in selecting families who receive a registration scholarship. In those efforts, we are asking for some information below and will only consider scholarships for those who have not previously received one.

Once you submit the form, The G1DF will consider your request for registration scholarships at our next regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Board of Directors, and you will be notified of the decision once the meeting is held.

UPDATE:  The G1DF has awarded its allocation of in-person registration waivers on a first-come, first-served basis.


Summit Scholarship Application