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Love Some1 with Glut1 FAQ and Tutorial

Love Some1 2024 - 1

We're so thankful for your help and your commitment to helping advance the mission of the Glut1 Deficiency Foundation so we can improve lives and build hope!

We have a new and improved platform this year (Givebutter) with lots of great features!  It is easy to use, but with the learning curve we want to give you a few tips and pointers that will hopefully help make your participation as easy and successful as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

All donations are used to fulfill the mission of improving lives in the Glut1 Deficiency community through education, awareness, advocacy, and research.

Learn more about our goals for 2024 on the main campaign page and how your participation makes a direct and lasting impact - thank you!

Givebutter makes it easy to share with several options:

  • copy and paste your personal page link
  • use the social media share tools in the platform
  • send personal invitations to friends and family by email or text through the Givebutter platform
  • our new Givebutter platform where your fundraising page is located accepts credit/debit cards, Venmo, PayPal, ACH bank debits, digital wallets, donor advised funds, or they can make a pledge and send a check - these all automatically show on your page and count toward your totals
  • offline donations can be entered manually by the G1DF to count toward your totals and will show up on your page along with the donor name and any special messages they want to share
  • offline donations could be from checks or fundraising events on Facebook or Instagram
  • please be sure to let us know if you have a fundraiser going on social media, too, so we can enter those donations for you - Meta doesn't notifiy us when someone starts a fundraiser
  • if you have checks to send, just put them in an envelope with a note to make sure we know where to credit them - we'll let you know when they arrive and the donation activity will show on your personal page along with any messages from the donor
  • Glut1 Deficiency Foundation  |  PO Box 737  |  Owingsville, KY  40360
  • donors get an automatic email receipt and thank you message when donating online
  • the G1DF sends handwritten thank you notes to online donors all throughout the year no matter the amount, but during the Love Some1 campaign, due to the large number of individual donations, we limit those handwritten notes to donation amounts of $100 or more
  • when a donor sends a check, they receive a receipt and handwritten thank you note back to the mailing address on the check
  • you can find a list of donors to your fundraising page under the supporters tab, and let us know if need a mailing address to send your own thank you notes as well - just ask!
  • Facebook and Instagram donors receive receipts from Meta and a thank you message from the G1DF on the social media platform, but Meta doesn't provide any details about the donors that we would be able to use to send a message or receipt by email or regular mail
  • even though officially the campaign ends on February 29th, the pages will stay open
  • it typically takes through most of March for all the checks to arrive and any company matches to get processed and sent to us
  • total results and progress toward the goal won't be official for a while - we will give updates in the monthly newsletters through the spring

Sign Up Tutorial

Watch our 1 minute tutorial about the basics of signing up and becoming a Team Member for Love Some1 with Glut1....or check out the instructions below and find more details about how to further customize your page and the built in tools for sharing and keeping track of your supporters. Please let us know if you have questions - and THANK YOU!

go to Givebutter

  • navigate to the Love Some1 with Glut1 campaign page on Givebutter
  • click on the Fundraise button to become a Team Member for Love Some1 with Glut1

sign up to fundraise

  • upload a profile picture and enter your details to sign up and create an account
  • OR if you are returning after already creating an account, sign in

create your personal page

  • set a fundraising goal that feels "just right" for you
  • share your personal story or message about why Love Some1 with Glut1 is important to you
  • then click on "Join this fundraiser"
  • you'll get a link generated for your personal page

navigate to your page

see a short video from Givebutter showing these next steps and/or follow directions below:

Step 1:  after you've created your account, find your profile in the top right corner and click OR use the personal link generated when you joined the fundraiser and skip to Step 4


Step 2:  click on the "My Profile" option


Step 3:  scroll down and find and click the campaign you're fundraising for - Love Some1 with Glut1


Step 4:  find and click your Team Member profile by looking for your name and/or profile photo


Step 5:  in the gray box that pops up, click on "Share & Manage" to navigate to your personal page tools


use your page tools

  • your Team Member fundraising page pops up with more tools:
    Share, Invite Donors, Supporters, Edit Page

edit your page

  • update your display name, fundraising goal, and personalize your story with text, photos, uploads, imbeds, and links

share your page

share your personal page starting on Valentine's Day and ask friends and family to read your story and learn more about Glut1 Deficiency:

  • share your page through social media and email buttons 
  • copy and paste the link to share on your own
  • you can also get these share tools any time you are on the Love Some1 with Glut1 campaign page by clicking the "Share Fundraiser" button underneath "Donate" in the top right corner

invite donors

  • invite friends and family members to your page through the Givebutter platform 
  • invitations can be sent by email or text 
  • those invited will receive a message and a link
  • responses through the link will be tracked and donations will be credited to your page
  • up to 3 reminders will be sent automatically during the course of the campaign

see your supporters

  • see a list of your supporters who have made a donation on your personal page
  • find details about the dates and amount of donations
  • if you receive checks, mail them to the Glut1 Deficiency Foundation with your name and we can enter those and credit them to your page - those donations will show in your supporters list and in your activity feed

thank your supporters

  • Givebutter has awesome features to engage with your donors
  • an activity feed shows on your page and on the main campaign page with donors who have not opted to be anonymous
  • donors may choose to leave a message, and if so, it shows in this feed
  • you can click like on each activity, leave messages, or use photos or gifs to say thanks
  • you can share that engagement with others
  • email the G1DF at the end of the campaign if you want addresses of your donors to mail additional thank you notes

questions or help

  • reach out to the Glut1 Deficiency Foundation with questions or if you need help setting up your page:  [email protected]
  • we are so grateful you've joined in to help us let our love shine and build a brighter future for all the Some1's with Glut1!