Ketogenic Diet During Pregnancy and Lactation


Provider Survey:  Ketogenic Diet During Pregnancy and Lactation

The ILAE (International League Against Epilepsy) Dietary Therapies Taskforce is working to understand more about how healthcare providers are counseling patients about using ketogenic diet therapies during pregnancy and lactation. The team is collecting data with a survey, and Dr. Mackenzie Cervenka and Dr. Valentina De Giorgis have asked us to share it.

Increasingly, women with antiseizure medication resistant epilepsy and those with glucose transporter type 1 deficiency syndrome (Glut1DS) of child-bearing potential are turning to ketogenic diet therapies for treatment. Clinicians are being asked to provide their opinions and guidance regarding the safety of this approach as well as supervision during the implementation of this therapy. Clinical experience remains limited and literature data are inconclusive.

The team would like to know if you have any experience treating women with epilepsy or Glut1DS using a ketogenic diet therapy while planning pregnancy, during pregnancy, or during lactation in an effort to share our experiences (learn more about your experience) and create an expert consensus statement to inform and guide clinicians and patients.

Scan the QR code below or visit this link to take the survey.

Thanks so much for your assistance with this project!